The rewards of kindness towards all

Greetings to everyone, hope things are going well for you all.

There are days when life can weight us down. And for many, day in and day out it’s nothing but struggles. Some are working two jobs, some are dealing with tough classes in school or college, some are juggling work and raising kids…

But there’s a way to help out just a little bit.

And that’s showing a little bit of kindness.

Kindness, be it big or small, can make a huge difference in someone’s course of a day. They can have ten million problems, but one act of kindness can make it feel like just a few.

It really doesn’t take much. I’ve found that just a warm smile can ease a troubled heart, but you can do so much more. A few questions, not too personal, but just enough to show you care, takes a person’s mind off their bad day.

Something I like to do is find something about their appearance to talk about. Their jewelry, their shoes, their clothes in general… I will tell you if I love your earrings. And depending on the look of them, I’ll even ask you where you got them!

If I see a cashier looking sad or tired, I’ll make a special effort to help them feel better. I love asking, if they have an exotic name, how their name is pronounced. And that sometimes leads to the story of how their parents came up with that name. I love stories like that!

And that’s just conversations. Practicality comes into play sometimes, too. It can be little things – letting someone go ahead you in line, picking up something they dropped by accident, offering assistance to someone who looks they’re struggling (holding too many groceries most times) – it’s small but powerful. They’ll remember what you did with joy and gratitude, believe me.

I know from experience. I was in a country grocery store and was trying to be Wonder Woman – carrying at least 8 things and dropping everything. A stocker who was price tagging frozen foods came over and helped me carry my things to the cash register. Considering how lousy my day went, that act of kindness changed my disposition entirely. I thanked him with a big smile.

My point is, kindness makes a huge difference. Sure, your day may not be going well, but there’s more happiness in giving than in receiving. So trust me, even if you’re not completely up to it, giving a little kindness will make you and others feel better.

Just another observational piece for your reading time.

Thanks for reading this. Have a great day. 🌹


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